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Discussion-based tours and hands-on workshops are designed around the work on display in our galleries. Visits to the New Art Center are lead by professional artists, curators and art educators.

Connections is designed to help visitors understand, think about and respond to art, applying what they have learned to diverse classroom subjects and everyday life. The resources of the New Art Center provide a rich educational setting for the exploration of visual concepts and art techniques. The workshops are age appropriate, cross-disciplinary, and can connect to subjects and themes addressed in the classroom.

Connections provides a unique opportunity to see, understand and think about art as a basis for discovery and learning in all subjects and across disciplines. The works on view can connect to classroom material in Art, English, Creative Writing, Social Studies and more! Visits are interactive, fun, hands-on and specifically tailored to your group’s needs. Bring your class to explore and discover how contemporary art relates to their interests, your organization and contemporary life today!

 Additionally, we have CDs with a selection of images from our upcoming exhibits if you would like to preview the work with your students before coming to the New Art Center. We are happy to design a program to specifically fit your group’s interests and needs and even visit your classroom prior to the fieldtrip. All of our tours include the following methods and subject matter:

  •  Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) to engage with and analyze and the work. Through the use of a few basic questions students can determine for themselves what is happening in the work and what it means.
  •  Artistic media from video, to sculpture, to painting to large-scale installation. How are these pieces similar and how are they different? How do artists use unlikely materials in their work. 

For more information on Connections, or to schedule a group visit please contact:
Kathleen Smith
Exhibitions Director
(617) 964-3424 or


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