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Studio Workshops - Spring 2017

April 24, 2017

Spring 2017 Workshops

We have an abundance of amazing opportunities for Adult Workshops this Spring! Whether you're looking to stop by our studios for a few short visit, or want to commit to a longer series, our lineup this Spring has something for everyone.

April Workshops:

  • Curator Workshop with Dan Byers
    Wednesday, 4/26, $10
    Presented as part of our “Curatorial Opportunity Program”, curator workshops feature presentations by curators about their projects and approaches to curating contemporary art, and invite participants to engage in dialogue about curatorial ideas. This workshop will feature Dan Byers, Mannion Family Senior Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. Following the presentation, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about NAC’s open call for curatorial proposals.
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  • Collaborative Drawing with Grey Held
    Saturday, 4/29, $55
    Experience the power of play and the fun of improvisational and collaborative drawing in a safe, encouraging environment. Artist Grey Held will guide the use of mixed media to create two-dimensional one-of-a-kind drawings, reflecting the contributions of each participant. Materials provided.
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May Workshops:

  • Exploring the Reduction Block Print with Arlene Bandes
    Wednesday, 5/3, $55
    Reduction block printmaking results in unique, multi-colored prints. We will be using Akua water soluble inks in transparent layers to create prints on archival paper. Materials provided.
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  • Jewelry Mosiac with Michel L'Huillier
    Saturday, 5/6, $90
    Using a selection of pre-cut colored glass pieces and beads, create a mini mosaic inside a deep pendant (many shapes available, silver or copper plated). Fit pieces together with glue, then grout with one of the many colored grout available. Clean your pieces. Voilà! You’ll be provided a black leather cord necklace for each pendant. Tuition includes 2 pendants.
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  • Glass Fusing with Michel L'Huillier
    Saturday, 5/6, $90
    Through the study of a wide range of fused pieces, students will learn about different glass firings. Experiment with colored glass pieces, glass powders, and glass frits to create a plate available to pick up within one week. No previous glass experience is necessary. Materials provided.
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  • White Line Woodcut with Amy MacGregor-Radin
    3 Wednesdays, 5/10, 5/17 & 5/24, $135
    Learn this low-tech method to hand-print colorful images. The white line woodcut or Provincetown print method was devised in the early 1900’s in Provincetown by a group of artists who were working to simplify traditional Japanese woodblock printing. Your white line printed images can be as simple or complicated as you would like. Materials provided.
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  • Nature Printed Shirts with Arlene Bandes
    Wednesday, 5/10, $55
    Design, make, and wear a one-of-a-kind hand printed shirt using natural objects such as leaves, flowers, and shells. Explore the process of removing dye from fabric to reveal the colors hidden beneath. Bring at least one pre-washed shirt (black, 100% cotton is recommended) or material to print.
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  • Watercolor - Loosen Up! with Lisa Goren
    Saturday, 5/13, $125
    Watercolor can seem daunting, but this workshop is designed to help loosen your approach to the medium, feel more capable with the paints, and find out how rewarding it can be. Focus on working with water, color mixing, understanding paper, and using the strengths (and weaknesses) of the medium. Work with a wet-on-wet approach using different surfaces and methods. Materials not provided.
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  • Exploring Transparent Layers with Akua Inks with Arlene Bandes
    Wednesday, 5/17, $55
    Class will introduce techniques of building up transparent layers of Akua inks using styrofoam printing plates and resists. Students will use a reduction process for several layers of inks on archival paper. Materials provided.
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