To the NAC Student Community,

Though you often come through our doors for creative engagement, you might not know just how much we have going on in the office!

  • We are actively engaged in our Executive Director search, and hope to have just the right person in place before too long.
  • We are working on program concepts for fall term classes and workshops, and have some great new ideas in the making. In the meantime, our current program is really strong, and going very well – the spring term is open for sign-ups!
  • We are looking at possible scenarios for our physical future, which is a long-term project. We don’t anticipate any big changes for a long time – as in “years”. We have shared with you that there will be some new space becoming available to us (~2,000 sf) with the completion of the Washington Place project in Newtonville – we have hopes of seeing that in 2020.

I know many of you miss the exhibitions program – I do too! Here’s an interesting piece of history… A decade (or so) ago, a half-time position of Exhibitions Coordinator was funded by a generous supporter, but only for one year. Over time the position became full time, without the support of outside funding. This program, as a result, became a significant expense line supported by our donated revenue, year after year. Knowing we had major projects ahead of us, in an aging building, this was an expense we felt we had to curtail. We have every intention of bringing the exhibitions program back to NAC when the time is right.

Holzwasser Gallery is still an active exhibition space, utilized by NAC students and faculty on a rotating basis; and we have a few business partners in the community who support a satellite exhibit program of NAC artists as well.

Rest assured that we remain true to our mission of welcoming everyone, at every level, to come through our doors and engage in the creative process of making, looking at, and talking about art.

Please continue to give us your thoughts, ideas and questions as we build a strong future together!

Kim Spencer
Board President