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With donors’ support this past year, the New Art Center had 2,589 class enrollments (up 4% from last year). That represents a lot of students who found their creative voices and connected with others in this community that means so much to them.

We want to reach even more students and I am asking you today to give generously to make that happen! Tuition covers just 70% of program costs – NAC relies on donors like you for the remainder.

The New Art Center is a community art education space that offers everyone, at all levels of ability, exceptional opportunities to make, exhibit, view, think about and talk about art.

Our student body, ranging in age from 3 to 90, includes women who are finding their courage and a way to self-reliance as they emerge from the trauma of domestic violence; young students with disabilities for whom art is their “first language”; kids who thrive through art and need more than the schools can offer; older students whose social connection centers around their fellow students in art class; students of all ages who need help with class tuition; and first-time students, who have finally found both the time and the environment in which they feel supported enough to make those first marks. For all of these students, the connection of art is their super power!

Your support is impactful, so please give generously. A $50 donation pays for a scholarship student to attend class for a day.

With a donation at this level, you are directly helping a student connect in ways that many describe as “life-changing” to his or her creativity, and to others in our community. We know that art makes all the difference – it makes kids better learners in all areas; it helps us grow and become more creative problem-solvers; it helps us heal; and it helps us connect with ourselves and with each other. There is no better way to lessen our divides. You can make that difference for so many!

As we approach the end of our fiscal year (June 30th), please keep the momentum going for this vibrant arts community by donating online at or clicking the link below as soon as possible!

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Kim Spencer
President, Board of Governors

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