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Karen Bray

I have been creating dance/theatre projects, indoors, and, out in nature, my entire life.
Last June, The Fig Newton Theatre Garden Dancers created Site Specific Dances and performed them to a crowd of 155 outside in my garden, yard and driveway.
Community-Building/Dance Theatre projects I have created:
The Newton Project: Newton has a long, fierce battle going between residents who want regulations on leaf blowers and those who feel that any regulations are stepping on their freedoms. I invited people from both sides to this arts event; together we wrote poetry, danced,  and made visual art. A lovely time was had by all and new friendships have been forged.
The Crystal Lake Community Dance Project – We celebrated our lake with dance, giant puppets and a collaboration of musicians calling out to each other across the lake.
Arts Alive: We improvise and interact with the public as a variety of comedic characters such as “Famous Authors, Dotologists, Oddioloogists, Fortune Tellers, UPS Delivery folks, and, more…”
Do Business/Make Art: We observed movement and visuals in three  local Newton businesses; Cobella Beauty Salon, George Howell Coffee and Hip Stitch, and, choreographed, and, performed dances based on those businesses.
The Artful Piano: Every Summer, Newton places artfully painted pianos all over Newton. We create structured improvisations inspired by each piano.
Creativity Lab: Since 2009, I have been co-teaching “Creativity Lab” at the New Art Center since 2009 to the present; a course that invites students to explore movement improvisation as well as all genres of art.



In the event of a COVID-related building closure, in-person classes will continue with live online learning (Zoom). In the case of equipment-intensive courses, the curriculum may be adjusted slightly. For example, all ceramics classes will continue with a handbuilding focus.

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