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Michele Clamp

Born and educated in England Michele didn’t really discover art until her teenage years.  ‘My father was a talented artist when he was young.  I remember sitting beside him as he sketched outside in the Suffolk countryside.   I had my own small sketchbook and tried to learn from him as he drew the landscape – marking in color and lighting notes as he went.   Frankly I wasn’t very good at that point but the joy of drawing had been planted.’

Michele combined painting and drawing throughout the rest of her school years in parallel with science and maths. ‘When it came to deciding on college I plumped for science and went on to do a degree in physics at Oxford followed by a PhD. My science career took me from Oxford to Cambridge to MIT and Harvard and I worked in many interesting areas including the Human Genome Project.  I was extremely lucky to be part of the cutting edge genomics revolution over the past couple of decades.’

Art was on the back burner for many years.  ‘I always knew I’d come back to art at some point although I didn’t know when.’  Michele remarks that it’s little appreciated that science is a hugely creative endeavor. Like art it’s also all-consuming – you can’t dabble and expect to do it well. So after emerging 6 years ago from immersion in the research world she needed a creative outlet again. And watercolor was there waiting.

The vast majority of Michele’s work is in watercolor.  She paints a wide variety of subjects but the goal is similar.   ‘I want my paintings to reflect the human response to a moment in time.   I love the way the transparency of watercolor shows how the image was built and the choices that were made.’   Michele wants not only to communicate her own vision but to tap into common human experiences that resonate with people.   ‘We all have moments when we connect with our surroundings in a special way.   It could be the stark sunlight on a New England winter’s morning, or the curve of a bird’s wing.    Something seemingly small, yet unique and perfect in the moment.’

Michele has been teaching watercolor for two years and painting for 9 years.   ‘My main aim is to show people what I wish I’d learned much earlier in the process and to give them a more direct path to producing satisfying and beautiful work.’


In the event of a COVID-related building closure, in-person classes will continue with live online learning (Zoom). In the case of equipment-intensive courses, the curriculum may be adjusted slightly. For example, all ceramics classes will continue with a handbuilding focus.

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