On View in the Holzwasser Gallery: July 8 – September 28, 2019

Closing Reception: Thursday, September 26, 6 – 8 PM

(left to right) Catherine Graffam im doin fine; Marte Humbert Bead Crochet Link Necklace; Jeanne Gugino All the Light We Have Last


Schools of Thought exhibits the artistic talent of the faculty and staff at the New Art Center. Working in a variety of mediums, the show presents a diversity of experience and expertise that our faculty and staff cultivate in their personal art practices. Work displayed encompasses mediums including oil and acrylic painting, watercolor, ceramics, mixed media, textile, etching, charcoal drawing, and more.

Join us in celebrating the talent of our faculty and staff that manage and teach at NAC.

Artists Featured

Paul Alie

Carol Blackwell

Evelina Brozugul

Zhanna Cantor

Debra Claffey

Vincent Crotty

Jefferey Ellse

Dawn Evans Scaltreto

Lynda Goldberg

Lisa Goren

Catherine Graffam

Jeanne Gugino

Santiago Hernandez

Chuck Holtzman

Marte Humbert

Sarah Kahn

Ron Krouk

Jennifer Lamontagne

Michel L′Huillier

Kayla Mathieu

Suchi Mumford

John Murray

Cheryl O’Neil

Roberta Paul

Tiffany Playford

Stacey Piwinski

Jill Pottle

Nan Rumpf

Brendan Sullivan

Sarah Tompkins

Gwen Vitti

Pat Walker

Michael Wilson

(left to right) Jennifer Lamontagne Mike Goes to Check on the Chickens; Arlene Bandes 3 Silhouettes; Brendan Sullivan Idle Hands

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