Women in Abstraction is the first in-person and virtual exhibition in our BIPOC Curatorial Program. Abstraction has been examined through a more critical historical lens recently as documents reveal the disparities left out of many conversations.

The New Art Center sought abstract works that engaged in gender, race, class and history as it relates to abstraction. A selection of this exhibition will be on view in-person with the majority displayed virtually through a platform called ArtSteps. We invited artists to submit work that helps to push and provoke dialogues about abstraction throughout history.

This exhibition is a part of the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Curatorial Program. As a community arts education space, the New Art Center believes that art creates change. With a 44+ year history of building community through art, we recognize it is crucial to use our platform to fight systemic racism and social injustices.

The BIPOC Curatorial Program enables curators who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color to develop and share exhibitions that spark dialogue, share personal vision, and personal experiences through curation. We hope this opportunity will create much needed dialogue to counter systemic racism.

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A Statement from the Curator

“Women in Abstraction responds to recent exhibitions highlighting abstract art by focusing on women who are typically underrepresented in the artistic canon. Why does that matter? It matters when the experiences of some aren’t included in the narrative of abstraction, so when we talk about creating, processes, and concepts, we’ve often missed many opportunities to expand our views. Historians and curators for the last two decades have worked tirelessly to expand the field and our understanding of abstraction, in relation to material, mark-making, color, and narrative. Women in Abstraction is a microcosm of this global conversation. This exhibition looks at our local community to explore the nuances of abstraction. Process, practice, and concept are at the center of these works. While viewing this exhibition, consider those three things to shift what you know about abstraction.”

– Destiny Palmer, curator

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Featured Artists:

Artists Featured

In-Person and Virtual Gallery Artists

Amalia Tagaris Joanne Tarlin
Ashley Dotson Lauren Comerato
Courtney Stock Marjorie Kaye
Georganna Greene Renee Silva
Georgina Lewis Terry Boutelle
Joan Mullen Tricia Lynn Townes

Virtual Gallery Artists

Alison Judd Erin Palazzolo Loparo Lydia Kinney
Anna Fubini Iwalani Kaluhiokalani Lynette Haggard
Barbara Stahler Sholk Jasmine Chen Meg Hahn
Barbara Trachtenberg Jill Goldman-Callahan Michelle Maroon
Carey McKinley Judith L Silverstein Nancy Marks
Cathrin Hoskinson Julie Gorn Nancy Rumpf
Christina Beecher Julie Hom-Mandell Paula Moser Steffen
Christine Palamidessi Katherine Bokowski Rachel Morrissey
Cicely Carew Katherine Downey Miller Rachel Paxton
Cindy David Sachs Kathryn Fischmann Radhika Mathews
Claudia Crudele Venditto Kristin Ilse Robin MacDonald Foley
Diana Jean Puglisi LaDara McKinnon Sandra Pirie-St. Amour
Diana Zipeto Laura Palmer Edwards Teri Malo
Diane Novetsky Lauren G Levine Tracy Hayes
Dianora Bennet Lisa Goren Vanessa Thompson
Ecco Aquí (Collaboration
between Nancy Y. Kim & Sarah Croft)
Loretta Park Veronica Pedrosa Abdala

The New Art Corridor is sponsored by The Village Bank, Mark Development, and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

The sponsors of the BIPOC Curatorial Program include: The Harmony Foundation, Newton Cultural Council, and The Cambridge Savings Bank.